Selecting the ideal employee health benefits package that provides excellent coverage, and stays within budget, is top of mind for most employers. However, health care costs are rising and are projected to account for one-fifth of GDP by 2026. With global inflation putting the squeeze on corporate and employee budgets, it’s no surprise higher costs are passed off to the consumer — leaving employers and employees to shoulder more of the burden.

Employee Benefits

Have you ever wondered why the cost of health insurance in the United States is higher than in most countries, outpacing inflation by a wide margin, yet we still seem to be less healthy? More importantly, do you wonder what, if anything, can be done about it?

On May 26th, 2022, Expense Reduction Analysts hosted subject matter experts from OneDigital for an educational webinar event addressing “Driving Transparency & Control to Your Employee Health-Benefits Costs.” OneDigital’s subject matter experts addressed:

  • The unsustainable nature of health care’s rising costs
  • Strategic solutions to reduce costs in both small and large group plans
  • How a targeted health benefits strategy can attract and retain employees

Watch the recording of this webinar event now, and learn how to transform your company’s employee health benefits.


Driving Transparency and Control to your Employee Health and Benefits Costs