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The power of ERA Group comes from the knowledge, experience, and insight within our network. Our specialists, based here in the United States and from across the world in our global network, cover a wide range of industries, sectors, and categories. We have a tremendous wealth of information and data available.

This is how we are able to deliver Value Through Insight™ to our clients, and this is fundamental to how we help businesses to protect their future success while unlocking their financial flexibility to invest in growth and other improvements.

Below you will find some of our latest business insights available for download. If you’d like more information about ERA, then contact us today and a member of our team can speak with you directly and provide more specifics to help you understand exactly how we can help your business.

Driving Enterprise Value Through Cost Management

Executives across the United States agree that they rely on the finance function to provide real-time data on the business’s success, and pivot when needed. Securing the time, resources, and team required for your finance function to find and leverage cost savings opportunities is crucial in ensuring business growth and allowing your company to invest in new initiatives.

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations today is the lack of time and access to advanced technologies via internal means. Our study of more than 166 CFOs, CEOs, and other executives across the US will give you the insights you need to ensure your business’s success. Download the full article today to learn more about what sets successful businesses apart from the competition.

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How to Mitigate Contract Risk for Your Organization

Today’s organizations are consistently balancing competing priorities, including supply chain management, system implementation, and meeting financial goals. Contract details often fall to the bottom of the priority list.

Every organization’s contracts should align to its business operations. Simple and effective best practices can be implemented to ensure important details are not missed. Download the full article today to gain more insight on how your organization can mitigate contract risk.

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Making the Appropriate Expense Containment Decisions in the Midst of a Pandemic

Executive leaders are working through uncertainty as they recover from the COVID-19 crisis. The impact has been felt worldwide, with various impacts felt country-by-country. Staff reductions, limited resources, and disrupted supply chain operations are just a few issues organizations are facing.

As companies continue to navigate affects of the pandemic, some questions remain unanswered. Find out how companies can discover where to start saving and and where to uncover new savings opportunities. Now is the time to prepare your organization for recovery and continued growth.

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Learning From Crisis: Four Ways to Improve & Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Many organizations are in a state of recovery and rebuilding, due to today’s challenging times. Production issues, materials shortages, and other complications have disrupted the supply chain. Although the issues may be visible on the surface, finding a solution is not easy to recognize.

During this time of uncertainty, organizations should take precautions to ensure their supply chains run as efficiently as possible. Find out the four ways your organization can improve and strengthen your supply chain in this time of crisis. Now is the time to ensure your organization is prepared to minimize disruption in the supply chain.

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Why Your Organization Needs a Treasury Review

Many organizations know about treasury fees but may not have the time and resources to monitor them accurately. These fees are essentially transaction costs that banks charge their customers to receive, send, process, and deposit incoming receipts and outgoing payments.

Although deposit balances can be a great way to keep treasury fee increases under control, more needs to be addressed. For this reason, organizations should have a treasury review conducted for their business. With the ever-changing conditions of today’s current business climate, executive leaders must ensure money isn’t left on the table.

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How Your Company Can Tame the Tail Spend Beast

Many businesses today are focusing on finding solutions for today’s challenging climate. Finance leaders are tasked with making quick, effective decisions to promote sustainability and future growth.

Tail spend, which refers to approximately 20% of non-core procurement transactions that are primarily left unmanaged, is critical for companies to consider when evaluating expenses. As a result, 80% of a company’s spend is usually with 20% of its suppliers. Cost of goods, tooling, insurance, and utilities are commonly found categories within the 80% spend.

As future operational standards appear to be ambiguous, companies need to pay attention to these smaller spend segments that can make significant impacts on their bottom line.

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Navigating the Impact of China Tariffs

The ongoing changes surrounding U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods have raised concern. Know the implications of the current threats and how to avoid setbacks.

Find out how your organization can stay ahead of the curve, with proper planning and measurable alternatives.

Download the full whitepaper today to find out how your organization can implement practical mitigation steps against China tariffs.

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Addressing Changes in Post-Acute Care: Is your organization prepared?

Changes to the Patient Driven Payment Model began on October 1, 2019. SNFs will now be paid for Medicare A services under the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM)

Reasons for the new policy include a need for greater accuracy in payments, based on individual resident needs. Utilization management is more important than ever to help lessen the impact of the changes.

Download the full whitepaper today to ensure your healthcare organization is compliant with the PDPM changes.

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The Digital Transformation Game

Digital Transformation is no longer a luxury, it cannot be seen as a “nice to have” as it’s an essential component for achieving success.

Technology such as AI, big data, Blockchain and 3d printing are continuing to evolve the way we do business, so it is essential for your business to adapt and embrace these technologies in order to thrive.

Download the full white paper today to discover how these technologies can benefit your business and give you a competitive advantage.

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Becoming Best in Class

All organizations can benefit from having additional cash flow. Money saved today can help your organization achieve what’s possible for tomorrow.

Gain the competitive advantage by streamlining your supplier contracts and keeping innovation initiatives top of mind.

Download the full white paper today to prepare your organization for successful supplier negotiation and maintain savings over time.

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Creating a Culture of Cost Optimization

In any organization, there is usually one common denominator—change is a constant. As technologies such as artificial intelligence, autonomous transportation, and virtual reality applications continue to
evolve, the ways in which your organization conducts business will
transform in the coming years.

Whether business changes are caused by emerging technologies or subsequent disruptors, data protection, or new legislation, your organization will have to develop the nimbleness to pivot operations accordingly.

Download the full whitepaper today to learn how your organization can achieve substantial savings.

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From CFO to CVO

The next evolution in business is upon us. “Enterprise 4.0” is the term used today to define the combination of digital technologies, data, and analysis tools found throughout the design and production chain.

The CFO will provide vital support for the company’s strategic and business decisions, with a broader professional horizon and vision enabling him or her, almost naturally, to undertake a growth process potentially leading to the role of CEO. In the 4.0 era, the CFO has the opportunity to increasingly become a Chief Value Officer, focusing on the creation of value for the business.

As companies prepare to further integrate digitalization into their day-to-day processes, cost-reduction efforts can play an integral role in shoring up the cash flow needed to make necessary investments in new technologies.

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Office & Janitorial Suppliers: Insights to Realizing Greater Savings

Office supplies and janitorial supplies represent two of an organization’s largest daily expense categories, yet for many companies, these areas get the least attention when it comes to cost reduction strategies. Rather than being a strategic business decision, purchases are often made by the maintenance manager or administrative staff, with a heavy influence from the actual supply users.

As such, there is great potential for overspending and random choices – a fact typically unbeknownst to the executive team within the organization. By examining the competitive landscape, analyzing current purchases and future needs, and taking a holistic view of purchasing behavior, organizations can uncover substantial cost-savings options.

Uncover the seven critical things organizations need to know about office and janitorial suppliers in order to make informed purchasing decisions.

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3 Pharmacy Trends Affecting Healthcare Providers

From increased operational costs to changing models in healthcare reimbursement,revenue drivers for physicians are definitely changing. At the forefront of this change is the model by which physicians receive financial reimbursement for patient care.

As the blueprint for healthcare reimbursement is changing from a fee-based model to an outcome-based model, some groups will be forced to identify new revenue sources, and explore cost savings.

The analysis of trends, patient outcome versus cost, and contract negotiation will be more important than ever. Discover the 3 pharmacy trends your healthcare organization should know.

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