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Communications, technology, and utilities

Communication, technology, and utility industries are ever-evolving in the world of change and innovation.

Increasing capital requirements, aging infrastructure, competitive alternatives, rising operating costs (i.e., programming costs, environmental costs, etc.) and increasing governmental requirements are common challenges. These challenges are putting pressure on the industry to find other sources of cash.

Many of ERA Group’s clients lack the resources to explore optimization opportunities across all supplier contracts. As a result, meaningful dollars are left on the table in many cost areas, such as small package and LTL freight, merchant card and banking fees, office supplies, copiers, uniforms, waste, insurance, MRO/field consumables, and fleet, just to mention a few.

ERA Group has the unique ability to find hidden cash because of our understanding of the cable, communication, and utility business industries. Our expertise in each supplier’s industry allows us to apply benchmark data from thousands of cost savings projects and ensure our clients are getting the correct value for products and services.

Tech & Comms Industry

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