Vip Jain

Founding National Practice Partner

Vip Jain | ERA Group

Vip Jain brings over 30 years of experience in the renewable energy, healthcare, and tech industries.

Prior to joining ERA, Vip was the CEO and Co-Founder of ABJ Renewables, ABJ Drones, ABJ Academy, and Assay Healthcare Solutions. He has a proven track record of envisioning market opportunities, launching and scaling companies, and directing high-caliber teams to deliver strong ROI and cost savings.   Vip had been working on a 100% performance fee structure in providing the services to the clients.

Vip utilizes his expertise in strategic planning, business development, cross-functional team leadership, global partnership building, and mergers and acquisitions to assist his clients in optimizing their business performance and cost savings.

He holds an MBA and Master of Science in Management Information Systems both from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

When he’s not working, Vip enjoys spending time with his family, managing a large charity, and partaking in his favorite hobby of piloting planes.

+1 954 559-5393

Vip Jain