Roy Stanford, Ph.D.

Consulting Partner

Roy Stanford | ERA Group

Roy Stanford brings over a dozen years of experience in cutting costs and increasing revenues for Nonprofits, Agri-business, Municipalities, and Colleges & Universities.

With a Ph.D. that emphasized statistics, along with training in economics, Roy has had in-depth experience analyzing operating expenses, running budgets, and making changes that reduced costs. He has also increased revenues, adding millions to the organization’s bottom-line. Roy excels at delivering process improvement solutions and streamlining operations to reduce expenses. Roy has mile-deep knowledge in the agri-business, life sciences, academic and nonprofit worlds. In addition, Roy has extensive experience in statistical analysis, modeling, and forecasting.

Roy has always been viewed as a Trusted Advisor. Using a collaborative style, he engages and listens to executives, managers, and stakeholders to learn the key issues and what is in the pipeline to enable the organization to lower costs, thrive and go forward. He then uses his analytical abilities to develop and implement a strategic plan that delivers desired cost reductions while preserving and fostering organization’s fiscal health to meet its mission and service goals. Roy has had years in leadership roles working in a large nonprofit and has worked in a university setting and with municipalities.

Roy holds a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University and Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Stephen F. Austin State University.