James D. Sayer

Consulting Partner

James Sayer | ERA Group

James Sayer is a Consulting Partner based out of Dayton, Ohio, with experience in business consulting, sales, and litigation technology analysis. 

Prior to ERA, James’ primary experience was with companies such as LexisNexis and CloudNine, where he served legal practices, helping them to drive efficiency and better outcomes in their cases via research solutions, eDiscovery, and litigation analysis tools. Though not an attorney, he has worked with attorneys and other legal professionals for over 20 years, even providing local Continuing Legal Education classes, national litigation webinars, and guiding international solutions discussions.

James is described as a dynamic presenter who uses a consultative approach to helping his clients get what they need most.  This approach is what made ERA so appealing to him- to help businesses reduce their expenses so that they can invest in their people and priorities.

Value Through Insight

James Sayer:

"In my own business here in Ohio, I've been personally blessed to impact organizations in industries as buried as healthcare and manufacturing. For them, we've seen real savings ranging from 16 to 82% in categories, from health benefits to packaging, banking and merchant fees, payroll, and more."