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Supplemental Health Care resuscitates $1.2M for its bottom line

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Supplemental Health Care (SHC), based in Utah, saved $1.2M on employee background checks, drug screenings, and office supplies 24 months after partnering with ERA Group.

As one of the nation’s largest healthcare staffing agencies, SHC requires a screening program that accommodates a high degree of variation to satisfy regulatory and client needs across various healthcare settings. 

ERA thoroughly analyzed SHC’s process and screening requirements and conducted a holistic marketing exercise with the incumbents and new suppliers to determine the best fit for the agency’s unique needs. Ultimately, SHC chose to consolidate with a new supplier with state-of-the-art capabilities, resulting in improved screening quality at a lower price point.

ERA also examined the print marketing and office supplies expenses. It was determined that SHC was already receiving optimal pricing for its print marketing, and ERA provided market validation of its prices to SHC without fees, fulfilling its promise of “no savings – no fee.” However, ERA secured a 21% cost reduction on SHC’s office supplies and consolidated its multiple suppliers into one, creating further administrative efficiencies.

Leadership at SHC is very pleased with the $1.2M in savings ERA helped capture and the improved service levels. The staffing agency plans to utilize the savings to continue its mission of creating a world-class healthcare staffing company, connecting those with caring hearts to opportunities to fulfill their life’s purpose. 

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"Our partnership with ERA has tremendously benefited our business. ERA was able to provide exceptional market insight and analysis."

Christopher Long, CEO of Supplemental Health Care

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