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Schell Games Saves 44% on Commercial Insurance 

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Schell Games’ employees gain more HP after ERA finds $40K in annual savings

Schell Games, a leader in education and entertainment game development, saved 44% in commercial insurance costs after partnering with ERA.

The gaming company’s leadership was concerned about rising costs for its business line insurance and lack of transparency regarding broker compensation, so they reached out to ERA for assistance. Additionally, company leaders hoped ERA would be able to substantiate savings large enough to reinvest in staff benefits.

After reviewing Schell Games’ expenses, ERA’s category specialists recommended the client change insurance providers — resulting in enhanced coverage and 40% lower rates. ERA was also able to work with the incumbent insurance broker to increase transparency between the broker and client regarding fee structure.



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"Their team of experts helped us to identify alternative insurers who offered us improved coverages with far more competitive prices. And we were able to achieve these savings while maintaining our long-term relationship with our incumbent insurance broker. I cannot recommend ERA enough!"


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