Frank Motors Case Study

Frank Motors Auto Group races away with $224K savings

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ERA Group finds annual hidden savings of $224K for Frank Motors Auto Group

Frank Motors Auto Group, a four-location car dealership franchise in California, reached out to ERA Group to ensure their dealerships were operating efficiently. The $224k in annual savings allows them to strengthen their balance sheet and profitability to weather the uncertainty around today’s economy.

Our team of category specialists identified savings across six cost categories by renegotiating contracts with incumbent suppliers or finding alternate suppliers with no degradation to the quality of product or service. The six cost categories with actualized savings include merchant card fees, uniform rentals, MRO, small package freight, janitorial service, and print/promotional products.

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"In the automotive business, you negotiate day in and day out. You’re always looking to make a deal. However, when ERA came in, they taught us how they negotiate and the ‘extra’ it takes to get the best contract for the longest term at the best price. That was a bit out of our wheelhouse.”

Gary Fenelli, President of Frank Motors Toyota

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