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Delivering value in personnel & HR services delivery

Cost optimization in personnel & HR services delivery

An organization’s most valuable asset is its people. Therefore, cultivating and maintaining a strong workforce is essential.

Utilizing staffing services, investing time to find top talent, overseeing payroll responsibilities, and managing fleet options for employees who travel outside the office are all essential activities.

If your organization is relying on outsourced services, ERA Group can help you determine if your suppliers are delivering quality services at competitive pricing.

We can help you keep you improve your personnel services!

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Employment staffing

The most valuable asset for a business is its people.

Finding employees with the right skills, experience, and qualifications can be a time-consuming priority. Many times, external providers such as temp agencies and recruiters are called upon to help with hiring efforts.

We help clients analyze their employment services expenses and find savings without compromising service.

Payroll processing

Some companies use the services of external providers to manage payroll and HR administrative duties.

ERA Group can help clients analyze their employee payroll, monitor legal changes and compliance, all while finding hidden savings.

HR admin & outsourcing

Not all companies can have an in-house human resources team, so outsourcing these needs can be an effective way to provide valuable help and protection to your staff and your company. Knowing the right skills and having the right policies in place is vital for an effective business, so getting the most from an outsourced HR team can be extremely beneficial.

Your staff requirements can represent a significant commitment of time and resources, particularly in specific industries that still rely heavily on paper records. Efficiency is vital in ensuring a sufficient flow of information occurs – especially when expanding the number of staff to bring on board. Providing a suitable setup with your HR resource can help your business grow and protect you from unforeseen problems.

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