Delivering value in maintenance, repair & operating supply (MRO)

Cost optimization in maintenance, repair & operating supply (MRO)

For organizations in the manufacturing sector, operational supplies are the lifeblood of the business. Depending on the business, this can include factory consumables, chemicals & industrial gases, lab supplies, MRO supplies, and packaging.

An organization’s ability to control the total manufacturing costs of these supplies—direct manufacturing costs and variable costs—is vital to its financial health.

ERA Group can assess expenses to find manufacturing cost-saving opportunities. We help determine if incumbent suppliers offer the most advantageous pricing for operational supplies, applying years of experience and supplier knowledge to improve companies’ cash flow.

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With various chemical manufacturers and chemical supply companies providing the raw materials and products needed to support manufacturing efforts and operations, how does a business know if its chemical supply costs are truly competitive?

We work with companies to review their costs in expense categories, including chemicals.

Operating supply

Factory consumables must be replaced regularly as part of the manufacturing process. Controlling the total manufacturing costs of supplies—direct manufacturing costs and variable manufacturing costs—is vital to an organization’s financial health, as is monitoring the major trends and developments in the market.

ERA Group’s specialists support businesses with valuable operations knowledge and by identifying cost-saving opportunities.

Maintenance & repair

Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) supplies and services are indispensable to routine operations. Still, not many companies have the time and resources to follow market trends and prices for all segments.

Our specialists help businesses to maximize their efficiency and spending in the MRO cost category.

Uniforms, workwear & linens

For some businesses, uniforms, and linen are essential expenditures.

We can review client expenses to assess savings opportunities in this category while providing a similar or better service that meets both employer and employee requirements.

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