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Cost optimization in corporate & admin support services with ERA Group

While in-house staff can manage most day-to-day aspects of running an organization, it is common to outsource certain services, such as IT support, legal counsel, and various suppliers that maintain equipment, etc.

However, it can be challenging to determine if these necessary aspects of your business cost more than they should.

Our consultants assist clients with reviewing professional service expenses to assess cost-saving opportunities while maintaining (sometimes exceeding) standards of quality.

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Marketing, advertising & media services

Marketing, advertising, and media services help organizations effectively promote their product offerings, boost brand awareness, and drive sales. This multifaceted expense area is often diversified across multiple media channels, including online, print, radio, and television.

ERA Group can evaluate spending and objectives to determine if there are ways to reduce marketing and advertising expenses while achieving better results.

Food & catering services

Whether it’s providing food or meals on or off-site, businesses and institutions incur costs related to food services, including food and catering services.

Catering companies often work with organizations to prepare and serve food at various events or as part of the services provided by the company.

Our consultants collaborate with clients to help improve cash flow by taking a close look at corporate catering services, the costs associated with catering and food service distributors, and the expenses allocated towards food service supplies.

Professional services

From an operational viewpoint, the day-to-day aspects of running a business may be relatively predictable when the right people and processes are in place.

However, for specialized expertise (corporate lawyers, auditors, architects, etc.), businesses often contract with external professionals.

Knowledgeable, experienced ERA Group consultants work with clients to review professional services expenses and overall value.

Fleet management

ERA Group has experts in fleet management who lend their skills to businesses to investigate all aspects of their car fleet, ensuring they meet specific needs and requirements. They can help achieve the best buying and leasing conditions while identifying savings opportunities.

Office supplies, equipment & furniture

Pens, paper, staplers, binders, toner cartridges, and more are business essentials. Companies of all sizes use office supplies every day, and these expenses can add up quickly.

Are the cheap office supplies promised by distributors really the least expensive? Are bulk office supply purchases always the lowest-cost alternative?

ERA Group can help organizations manage expenses by sharing “insider knowledge” about suppliers and pricing with our clients.

Managed print services (copiers, printers, MFD's)

Businesses rely on copiers and printers to print the necessary documents for day-to-day operations. ERA Group experts are well-versed in managed print services. We review all processes and expenditures, including costs related to printing, equipment, and services, as well as lease rates.

Our team can help your organization determine whether current pricing is competitive, weather leasing or buying is better, and if your supplier’s contract terms are favorable for your business.

Records & information management

Business records management is the practice of controlling a company’s essential records from creation and storage to disposal – and every industry is subject to regulations for records compliance and data protection.

Today’s businesses depend on electronic records management systems and software to ensure the integrity of payroll, financial, medical, government forms, etc.

ERA Group can help you ensure your business has the best procedures in place at the best rates.


Printing services and the need for printing supplies vary widely from business to business. Books, magazines, brochures, posters, and other documents are examples of printed materials. Yet, depending on color, quantity, and other variables, each of these materials could require different processes and equipment.

Some companies require commercial printing services from service providers that handle large-scale business printing needs beyond standard desktop publishing.

ERA Group’s experts can conduct a thorough review of your printing services to determine cost savings potential.

Mail management

Whether through email or letters, businesses rely on external services to send, store, and manage high volumes of correspondence.

ERA Group consultants help organizations find the most suitable mail management options for their needs and identify savings opportunities.

Corporate travel management (CTM)

Corporate travel expenses can quickly add up and, if not correctly managed, become a significant expense.

Our experts are well-versed in negotiating travel costs. We can help organizations ensure they are getting the best rates — while providing a transparent view into spending patterns in the travel cost category.


Due to their complexity, corporate taxes can be challenging for many organizations to manage independently, so it’s common to outsource professional assistance — especially when it comes to business tax preparation.

ERA Group can analyze clients’ tax preparation fees to determine whether service rates are reasonable and competitive in the marketplace and identify extra cash flow opportunities.

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